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Remarkable Luxury Ranch Activities & Facilities

Embrace the Wide Open West Together

From late May through mid-October, Magee Homestead provides guests with an unparalleled range of luxury ranch activities. Beyond the simple pleasure of enjoying views of the high mountain desert plain, this immersive experience includes endless opportunities to explore the surrounding landscape.

The Wyoming wilderness is best enjoyed under the expert guidance of Magee Homestead’s remarkable hospitality team. These professionals craft memorable outings that thrill and delight our adventurous guests. Whether you envision reconnecting with our private guides via horseback rides, skeet shooting or archery, or simply strolling together as the sun rises or sets across the Ranch--the entire experience will be tailored to your preferences. During your stay, you also have preferred access to the full 30,000 acres and suite of activities offered at this Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection destination.

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