The history of Brush Creek Ranch dates back to the late 1800s, when pioneers were surging Westward and establishing homesteads along the way. Our land still includes a fully operational cattle ranch to this day.


For centuries, the Saratoga, Wyoming region was a destination for Native Americans who came for the area’s natural hot springs. As American frontiersmen pushed westward in the late 19th century, it quickly became a hub for settlers, trappers, and loggers. The Sterrett brothers settled the land that would become Brush Creek Ranch in 1884, building the original homestead with logs cut, skid, and hauled from the adjacent area which is now part of Medicine Bow National Forest. The spirits of hard work, recreation, and adventure are prevalent in the archives of days past at the Ranch. This heritage is still apparent in the current incarnation of the land used as a luxury guest ranch, and visitors will find homage paid to these ideas all around them, meshed seamlessly with a plethora of modern amenities.

The name of each individual cabin – TZ, Elk Hollow, Burgess, Wood, Pearce, Downie, and Wiant – come from the original property title work, which likely reflects the names of the original homesteaders before the Ranch was combined into one larger property.

Brush Creek Ranch was first acquired in 2008 by Bruce White, Chairman and CEO of White Lodging, one of the most respected names in the hotel industry, and operator of award-winning premium hotel brands across the country. The White family has since acquired additional historic Ranchlands and unveiled new luxury ranch resorts where the spirit of hard work, recreation, and adventure are as prevalent today as in the archives of days past. The family’s vision unfolds as a highly refined 30,000-acre destination, striking a perfect balance between active outdoor recreation, shared experiences, personal renewal, economic sustainability, and preservation of the Western way of life.



Ranching has been an intentionally sustainable way of life in America’s heartland for well over a century. Responsible conservation and cultivation of the land continues to endure as the philosophical underpinning of the Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection. We pride ourselves on offering unforgettable ranch vacations with minimal impact on the environment and, as a working Wyoming ranch, understand that good stewardship of the land will help ensure our ranch will thrive and be enjoyed for generations to come.

“Educate, Enhance, and Enjoy” is the driving mantra behind the sustainability efforts of the Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection. By working with Ecos Ecosystem Services, we have developed a comprehensive stewardship plan that links ecological and conservation goals with the overall vision of the ranch. Through programs designed to promote responsible ranch management and educate guests about the land, we have been able to improve the ecological health of Brush Creek Ranch and the surrounding area while allowing guests to fully enjoy all that the ranch has to offer.


We adhere to the most strict conservation
standards to ensure Magee Homestead
exists for centuries to come.

All Inclusive Vacations

At Magee Homestead, adventure, luxury, and the vacation of a lifetime are all included in our daily rates. Our all inclusive luxury ranch vacations include lodging, amenities, world-class food and beverage, and vast array of ranch experiences that unfold across 30,000 expansive acres of the West to fully immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime.

Destination: Great American West

Nestled on over 45 square miles of expansive, rolling wilderness in South Central Wyoming’s North Platte River Valley, the Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection typifies the traditional American West.

Located just 20 miles southeast of the historic town of Saratoga, the Ranch landscape combines native sagebrush and pastoral meadows with lush forests of aspen, cottonwood and conifers, offering sweeping views of the Sierra Madre and Snowy Mountain ranges. Adventures unfold from elevations beginning at 6,900 feet up to 12,000 feet at the Medicine Bow peak, one of the highest mountain elevations in the United States. Combining exclusivity for our guests with abundant wildlife, the Ranch delivers an adventurous experience in any season that will leave lasting imprints on the canvas of your memory.

With private air access via Saratoga’s local airport, guests are an easy 13 miles from our front gate. Accessed via I-80 and WY Hwy 130, the Ranch is approximately 3.5 hours from Denver and one hour from Laramie. Our team looks forward to assisting you in every step of planning your visit to Magee Homestead in the heart of the American West!